Covid 19

Update 1st August 2020

Under the current guidelines, both indoor and outdoor weddings are now able to proceed - subject to a risk assessment being completed by your venue.
The numbers that will be able to attend will be lower than the normal capacity of the venue, and this is to allow for social distancing to be maintained for different households. Venues may also not allow additional evening guests to attend (after dinner).
Dancing and loud music are discouraged, so you may find that your venue may not supply a dance floor, and that volume levels will need to be kept to a level so that guests can communicate in a safe manor.

Outdoor events can proceed, and I can supply a gazebo that will maintain social distancing at the DJ booth (3m x 3m space required). Remember that any current social distancing guidelines must still be observed for any guests attending outdoor events.

Your Booking

If you have an event booked in with me over the next few months, it's vital (if you haven't done so already) that you contact your venue to see if your event will be proceeding.

With the new guidelines that came into force on the 10th July, the numbers that will be permitted to attend your reception will vary from venue to venue, so it's important that you check with your venue to see exactly how many guests will be able to attend.

Remember that both myself and the venue will be required to fully comply with all current regulations, guidance and social distancing.

If your wedding is still unable to proceed, you should contact me as soon as possible as future dates are quickly filling up.
If you are rescheduling your wedding due to the virus, you can use the link provided below to check my diary to see if I'm available on your new date.

Check your date

If you do need to move your date, and unable to get one that I am available on, don't panic.
Give me a call, and I'll talk you through the options available. Remember that I'm here to help in any way I can!

Also consider moving from a weekend date to a weekday. As more venue and service providers dates become booked up, it will be easier to get a weekday date that will suit everyone. Our experience is that guests fully understand this due to the circumstances.

Phone - 028 4275 7691
Mobile - 078 3473 9050

Phone - 028 4275 7691
Mobile - 078 3473 9050

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