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LED Dance Floor

Add the LED Dance floor to give that extra 'WOW factor' to any event, venue or location.
Our LED floors are available in both white and black, and are professionally installed by our dedicated fitting team.

Options are available to have the floor fitted before you arrive at the venue (usually early in the morning), or after you have finished your evening meal.

As my fitting team supply dance floors to all the major hotels, availability can be limited at peek times. Please check with me early to avoid disappointment.

LED Dance Floor Farnham Estate
LED Dance Floor Larchfield
LED Dance Floor Leighinmohr
Led Dance Floor Loughshore Upstairs
LED Dance Floor Loughshore
LED Dance Floor Millbrook Lodge
LED Dance Floor
LED Dance Floor Malone Lodge
Phone: 028 42757691 Mobile: 07834739050
Phone: 028 42757691
Mobile: 07834739050
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Gaz Entertainment
© 2022 Gaz Entertainment