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Projection Gobos

A range of custom engraved images to project your name and wedding date onto your floor or wall.
What is a gobo? It's basically a little glass disc which allows light to pass through an image which has been engraved. Using optics, this image is then projected onto your dance floor or wall. They look amazing projected onto a white dance floor!

The gobo can be installed into a custom projection unit, which will enable it to be projected for the full night. You also have the option to have your gobo installed into a moving head, which allows for some additional affects as well as movement of the image throughout the room.

As each glass gobo needs to be custom engraved, they must be ordered in advance (along with full payment).
Custom designs can be supplied, or you can choose from any of the designs below.

Prices vary depending on how many you require, and what type of fixture will be used for projection (they all use different sizes of gobo). At the moment, gobos are only available along with one of my packages.

LED Dance floor - Selfie Booth - Selfie Mirror - Selfie Wizard
Gobo 23003
Gobo 24000
Gobo 24001
Gobo 24002
Gobo 24004
Gobo 24005
Gobo 24006
Gobo 24007
Gobo 24008
Gobo 24009
Gobo 24011
Gobo 24012
Gobo 24014
Gobo 24015
Gobo 24016
Gobo 24017
Gobo 24020
Gobo 24022
Gobo 24023
Gobo 24054
Gobo 24055
Gobo 24056
Gobo 24056b
Gobo 24057
Gobo 24058
Gobo 24059
Gobo 24060
Gobo 24061
Gobo 24062
gobo 24063
Gobo 24068
Gobo 24069
Gobo 24070
Gogo 24067
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Phone: 028 42757691
Mobile: 07834739050
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