All of our customers know the attention to detail that we put in to all of our events, and that we are always striving to bring you the latest trends and technology to make your party truly fantastic - with everything from the latest up-lighting to our live 'text the DJ' service and karaoke voting systems.
Now we are amongst the first in Northern Ireland to bring you Rock and Roll Bingo™, and as licensed operators we can supply this with any of our packages either as an extra, or as a pay per card service on the night.

Gaz Entertainment - You're No.1 Wedding and party DJ do it again!

Instead of using a bingo card with numbers, these are replaced with a card with 3 rows of songs, ranging from the classics to the current charts.
A game lasts around 15 minutes, and can be played at any time during the night with no additional organisation or setup required. All stationary is supplied, and all music is legally licensed for the game.
With our 'pay per card' option, there is no additional charge to book this game in for your event. To play the game, each guest needs to purchase a Rock and Roll Bingo™ card for £1, and then depending on the number of cards sold, a prize or prizes may be available for the winner(s).
For further information, phone or email us directly now!.
Be amongst the first in Northern Ireland to play the game that has taken the mainland by storm!
Whn you hear a song that is on your card, simply mark off that square.
Contestants are playing for a full house per card, although other prizes may be announced depending on the numbers playing the game.