Selfie Mirror

Take your fun snaps to the next level with my Selfie Mirror.

Combining a vintage style frame with a very clever mirror surface, the Selfie Mirror is always a massive hit.

As you look at your reflection in the mirror, information and animations are projected onto the mirror surface. A DSLR camera (which is hidden behind the mirror) is used to capture high quality photos, and the internal lab-quality printer supplies 6x4 photos.

All photos from the mirror are shared wirelessly to me at the DJ booth, so I can display these on the provided screen during your event.

With your permission, photographs from the Selfie Mirror can be shared on my Facebook page, and you'll get a copy of all the images on your USB stick.

The Selfie Mirror differs from the Selfie Booth in that it takes portrait photos (tall), while the Selfie Booth takes landscape photos (wide).

LED Dance floor - Selfie Booth - Selfie Mirror - Selfie Wizard - Projection Gobo

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